Current Wirral Local Plan evidence base

The evidence listed below has been used to inform the emerging Local Plan.

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Submission Documents

Strategic Documents

Key Supporting Documents

Background Papers

Evidence Base by Topic Area


Birkenhead Regeneration Framework

BR2 - Not used

Other Regeneration Areas

Economy and Employment

EE2 - Wirral Employment Land and Premises Study 2017 (1.9MB)EE3 - Wirral Retail and Centres Study 2019 (1.7MB)

Environment and Climate Change

ECC1 - Wirral Agricultural Economy and Land Study 2019 (2.7MB)ECC2 - Merseyside Environmental Advisory Service RAG Screening 2019 (0.2MB)

ECC4 - Wirral Landscape Character Assessment 2019 (5.4MB)

ECC6 - Wirral Coastal Strategy 2013 (0.1MB)

ECC7 - Wirral Local Flood Risk Management Strategy 2016 (0.4MB)

ECC9 - Wirral Water Cycle Study 2013 (12.7MB)ECC10 - Shoreline Management Plan 2014 (3.85MB)ECC11 - Wirral Sites of Biological Importance / Local Wildlife SitesECC12 - Wirral Conservation AreasECC13 - Wirral Local Geological Sites

Green Infrastructure

Health and Social

HS3 - Wirral Joint Strategic Needs Assessment


H2 - Wirral Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 2019 (1.8MB)

Green Belt

GB1 - Wirral Green Belt Review 2019 (3.3MB)


People and Places

PP10 - Wirral Waters Strategic Regeneration Framework 2009 PP11 - Wirral Waters Strategic Regeneration Framework: Baseline Study 2008

Development Viability

Liverpool City Region

LCR14 - Joint Waste Local Plan for Merseyside and Halton 2013 (4.3MB)

Issues and Options

Other Evidence Sources

Previous Wirral evidence base documents can be viewed on the archived documents page.