The evidence listed below has been used to inform the emerging Local Plan.

Birkenhead Regeneration

BR1 - Birkenhead 2040 Framework

Economy and Employment

EE1 - Draft Employment Land Options Study 2019 
EE2 - Wirral Employment Land and Premises Study 2017
EE3 - Wirral Retail and Centres Study 2019
EE4 - Wirral Minerals Report 2020
EE5 - Wirral Employment Land and Premises Study 2021

Environment and Climate Change

ECC1 - Agricultural Economy and Land Study 2019 
ECC2 - Merseyside Environmental Advisory Service RAG Screening 2019 
ECC3 - Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2019 
ECC4 - Wirral Landscape Character Assessment 2019 
ECC5 - Wirral Landscape Sensitivity Assessment 2019
ECC6 - Wirral Coastal Strategy 2013
ECC7 - Wirral Local Flood Risk Management Strategy 2016

ECC8 - Wirral Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment 2011 & 2017 update
ECC9 - Wirral Water Cycle Study 2013

ECC10 - Shoreline Management Plan 2 North West England and North Wales
ECC11 - Sites of Biological Importance
ECC12 - Conservation Areas
ECC13 - Local Geological Sites
ECC14 - Liverpool City Region Ecological Network 2015

ECC15 - Wirral Local Landscape Designations Review 2020
ECC16 - Wirral Environmental Sensitivity Study

Green Infrastructure

Wirral Playing Pitch and Outdoor Sports:
GI1.1 - Wirral Playing Pitch and Outdoor Sports Strategy 2016 
GI1.2 - Wirral Playing Pitch and Outdoor Sports Strategy and Action Plan 2016

GI1.3 - Wirral Playing Pitch and Outdoor Sports Assessment 2016 

Wirral Indoor and Built Facilities:
GI2.1 - Draft Indoor and Built Facilities Strategy 2019
GI2.2 - Draft Indoor Sports Facilities Needs Assessment 2019 

Wirral Open Space:
GI3.1 - Draft Open Space Assessment Report 2019
GI3.2 - Draft Open Space Standards Paper 2019
GI3.3 - Draft Wirral Local Football Facility Plan 2018

Green and Blue Infrastructure:
GI4 - Green and Blue Infrastructure Strategy

Local Green Space Designations
GI5 - Local Green Space Designations: Review of Sites 

Health and Social

HS1 - Interim Health Impact Assessment 2019
HS2 - Hot Food Takeaway Evidence Base 2019
HS3 - Wirral Joint Strategic Needs Assessment


H1 - Draft Wirral Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2019
H2 - Wirral Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 2019
H3 - Wirral  Empty Homes Study 2019
H4 - Wirral Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment Report 2019
H5 - Wirral Housing Density Study 2021

H6 - Exploring The Computation Of Housing Need In Wirral 2020

Green Belt

GB1 - Wirral Green Belt Review 2019


T1 - Wirral Transport Background Paper 2020

Transport Modelling:
T2 - Wirral Local Plan Spatial Options Modelling Report 2019
T3 - Wirral Local Plan Baseline Modelling Report 2019
T4 - Wirral Traffic Model 2015

Transport Strategy:
T5 - East Wirral Transport Scoping Report 2017
T6 - Draft Wirral Strategic Transport Framework Action Plan 2018
T7 - Draft A41 Corridor Study 2018 
T8 - Draft Wirral Waters and Supporting Road Infrastructure Feasibility Study 2018

Local Plan Transport and Accessibility Review:

T9 - Transport & Accessibility Review for Sites for Further Investigation 2020
T10 - Transport & Accessibility Review Option 2B Single Urban Extension

People and Places

PP1 - Borough Spatial Portrait 2020
PP2 - Wirral Infrastructure Delivery Baseline 2019
PP3 - The Integrated Regeneration Strategy for Birkenhead and Wirral Waters 2010
PP4 - Wirral Waters Vision Statement 2010 
PP5 - Wirral Strategic Regeneration Framework 2017
PP6 - Wirral Growth Plan 2015

Development Viability

DV1 - Local Plan Baseline Viability Study 2018

Liverpool City Region

LCR1 - Liverpool City Region Strategic Housing & Employment Land Market Assessment 2018 
LCR2 - Liverpool City Region Assessment of the Supply of Large Scale B8 Sites 2018 
LCR3 - Liverpool City Region Large Scale B8 Areas of Search Assessment 2019 

Previous Wirral evidence base documents can be viewed on the archived documents page.