Conservation areas

Conservation Areas are designated by the local planning authority as areas of special architectural or historic interest - often containing listed buildings.

As a local authority we have a duty to protect and manage our assets. We review conservation areas to ensure that places of special architectural interest are being protected. Legislation and strict planning policies allow the council to exercise greater control over certain aspects of development in conservation areas. Any development proposals should be of the highest quality design and preserve or enhance the special character of the area.

There are 26 conservation areas in Wirral - including Port Sunlight and Hamilton Square - which are of national importance. 

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The special interest within a conservation area may be attributed to its historical road layouts, grouping of buildings, street furniture and surfaces. These all add to the appearance and character of an area. Within these areas, the Council has the power to control demolition, extensions and other alterations.

Local residents living within conservation areas can help protect its character when considering undertaking repairs or alterations to their properties. Even small changes to properties - such as the replacement of original windows or doors - can have a cumulative effect on the character of a conservation area.