Wirral Council has 66 councillors in 22 electoral wards. Each ward is represented by three councillors.

In May 2023 Wirral Council changed to a whole council election system. Elections were held for all 66 seats at the same time. Councillors will serve for four years.

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Political parties

The political composition of the council is as follows:

  • Labour – 29 seats 
  • Conservative – 17 seats
  • The Green Party – 14 seats
  • Liberal Democrats – 6 seats

The council is governed by a committee system. Places on committees are allocated in proportion to the number of council seats held by each political group. The Leader of the council is Councillor Paul Stuart (Labour).

Full Council

The full Council meets around seven times a year to approve the constitution, set annual budgets and agree council policies.

Other duties of the full Council include:

  • the receipt of petitions
  • taking questions from members of the public through a ‘Question time’ session (subject to appropriate notice)
  • the receipt of decisions and consideration of recommendations from the committees
  • consideration of motions submitted by individual members

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