Tree, Hedgerow and Woodland strategy

Tree, woodland and hedgerow progress updates

The Tree, Woodland and Hedgerow Strategy is a vital part of the council's efforts to tackle climate change.

There have been a number of achievements since the strategy launched in July 2020. These will help to protect, regenerate and care for Wirral’s existing stock. More trees, hedgerows and woodlands have also been planted.

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Strategy vision statement - 2020 to 2030

In the ten-year span of this strategy over 210,000 trees will be planted, at least 21,000 per year. In doing so we will replace many times over the number of trees unavoidably lost. The trees that are planted will see Wirral’s tree canopy cover doubled by the time they are fully grown.

We will adopt the principle of 'the right tree for the right place' to ensure the most resilient tree population possible. We will establish a clear picture of Wirral’s tree stock and its benefits. We will work constructively with individuals and groups to deliver this vision.

View Wirral's tree strategy and 'A Greener Wirral' strategy summary


Pledge a tree for Wirral

With such an ambitious target to double Wirral’s canopy cover, we need your help! Plant a tree in your garden or on your land and help us tackle climate change, improve our neighbourhoods, and provide a home for wildlife.

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Grow a tree for Wirral

Help us double Wirral’s tree canopy by growing a tree from seed. Once you have nurtured your seedling for the first couple of years, join us and plant it in one of our parks.

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Community Planting

Throughout the planting season which extends between November and March, the council and our partners will be hosting several tree, hedgerow and woodland planting events across the Borough.

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Suggest a planting location

If you know of Council land which would be suitable for tree or hedgerow planting, then please let us know.

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Adopt a Tree

Several trees will be available for adoption each year which can be planted in a council verge on a first come first served basis. 

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Tree for Life

Celebrate a life by planting another, apply now and receive a small tree to plant or pot in your garden to mark a life event such as the passing of a loved one, birth or adoption of a child.

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