Pledge a tree for Wirral

Digging the grass with a spade

With such an ambitious target to double Wirral’s canopy cover, we need your help! Plant a tree in your garden or on your land and help us tackle climate change, improve our neighbourhoods, and provide a home for wildlife!

Where to plant your tree

Choose your planting spot carefully and consider the eventual size of the tree once mature. Do not select a tree too big for the area. Think about the proximity to buildings, drains, boundaries, lighting, ponds and overhead cables etc. Prepare your planting site by removing long grass and weeds.

How to plant your tree

The tree planting season is between November and March (if your tree is in a container, it can be planted all year round but planting larger trees out of season is not recommended).

Before planting, keep trees upright and sheltered from wind and frost.
Dig a hole as deep as the root ball and two times as wide. The hole should be big enough to take all the tree roots up to the root collar (area where the roots join the stem or trunk). Do not bury the tree stem or trunk.

Place the tree in the planting hole and position so that the root collar is level with the soil surface. Refill the hole, ensuring you firm up all the soil to remove any air gaps.

Make sure the tree feels secure and that there is no movement in the root ball. Insert a cane or timber stake, if required to provide support. Push the cane or stake into the ground next to the tree but do not insert it through the root ball. Gently tie the tree to the support using soft tree ties. Make sure the ties to do cut into the tree as it grows.

If you have rabbits, hares or voles that visit your garden you may want to attach a guard to protect your tree from predation.

How to look after your tree

  • water your tree regularly during dry spells
  • keep a 1 metre diameter circle around the base of the tree free of weeds for the first three years
  • organic mulch can be applied around the base of the tree in early summer to suppress weed growth. If using mulch take care to leave a collar of 10 centimetres around the tree stem or trunk that is free of mulch
  • be careful if strimming around the tree as blades can damage the tree stem or trunk

Tell us when the tree has been planted

Tell us when you have planted your tree and we will send you a certificate in recognition of your contribution to Wirral’s Tree Canopy. Please include the following information and send to the email address below:

  • your full name
  • email address so we can respond
  • tell us if you represent an organisation and tell us it's name
  • date tree was planted
  • type of tree planted
  • approximate location of tree, for example, the name of the nearest street or landmark
  • any other useful information

Email the above details to