Tree strategy

Trees matter to us all for a variety of different reasons and to our planet, trees are invaluable stores of carbon captured from the atmosphere via photosynthesis.

The council have been working with partners and stakeholders to develop a 10-year strategy to consider how we manage and respond to the borough’s current trees and the future provision of trees.

Since declaring climate emergency in July 2019, this strategy also recognises how tree management may be affected by the climate but also how Wirral’s natural environment and key asset of trees can help us to tackle the global threat.

This strategy further provides an opportunity to develop this asset by establishing a clear vision and outcome in which the council, and others are accountable for maintaining and investing in our trees and woodland as well as identifying areas with low canopy cover to prioritise future planting.

Tree strategy consultation

Residents and organisations were invited to have their say on the strategy to help shape and support its goals. The consultation on the strategy is now closed.

You can read the full public comments that were submitted in the document below.