Building notice

For domestic alterations and extensions you may submit a Building Notice giving details of your proposals.

You only need to submit an application form with the required charge.

We don’t normally need plans with a Building Notice application. However, if the works are complex, plans and calculations may be needed once the extent of the work is realised.


As this type of application is not subjected to any form of plan assessment, it’s the responsibility of the owner or developer to ensure works are carried out in accordance with the Building Regulations.  If a problem is identified, it will usually only become apparent after that portion of work has been completed. This may involve you having to alter or remove non-compliant works.

Even if you submit a plan with a Building Notice Application, it will not be checked for compliance. If you would like the peace of mind of having an approved plan before works commence, please submit a full plans application.

Building notices cannot be used for applications relating to commercial buildings where the works involve any changes affecting the layout or fire precaution arrangements.

Apply for a building notice