Report a faulty pay and display machine

If a pay and display machine is not working, buy a ticket from another nearby machine or move to a different car park.

If a fault develops in a pay and display machine, our system automatically alerts an engineer who will attend to the machine as quickly as possible. We do check the pay and display machines prior to carrying out enforcement on the parking area.

Reporting a fault

When reporting a fault you will need to provide:

  • the machine number (located on the front door or pedestal of the machine)
  • the location of the machine (car park or street)
  • the type of fault you are reporting

Money lost in a meter or pay and display machine

To request a refund you will also need to provide:

  • the date the fault occurred
  • the amount of money lost
  • a copy of the ticket purchased from an alternative machine

Report a faulty machine or request a refund

Parking tickets

If you receive a parking ticket when parked at a faulty machine, you can challenge the ticket. If following your challenge the pay and display machine is found to be faulty, we will waive the parking ticket. The reverse of the parking ticket explains how you make the challenge.

Appeal against a parking ticket