Appeal against a parking fine

If you have received a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) or Notice to Owner (NTO) and think the ticket is incorrect, you can appeal against it.

Notice to Owner

If you have not paid a PCN or made an appeal within 28 days the registered owner of the vehicle will receive a NTO.  


State your case and provide any supporting evidence such as a pay and display ticket or permit, copy of a receipt or a witness statement. Please send copies and keep originals. You can view the PCN online before making an appeal.

Appeals made out of time will only be considered if there are genuine reasons for the delay such as being away from your home address, for example in hospital or on holiday.

Appeal against a parking fine

If you have appealed within the original discount period and your appeal is unsuccessful, you will still be offered the chance to pay at the discounted rate.

Lost Penalty Charge Notice

If you have lost or don’t know your PCN number, please call 0333 005 0040 with the following information:

  • the registration number that the PCN was issued to
  • the location where the PCN was issued
  • the date and time the PCN was issued