Parking restrictions

Look out for the lines, signs and notices when you park. These will tell you about any restrictions or charges in force. Motorists risk receiving a penalty charge notice if they park:

  • on yellow lines
  • in restricted zones without a permit
  • on pavements or verges where there is a parking restriction, or
  • without buying a parking ticket

Controlled Parking Zone

There is a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in operation in Birkenhead. A CPZ is an area where on street parking is restricted, except in designated parking bays or where signed otherwise. It operates from 8am to 6.30pm each day. You must pay to park in designated bays during these hours unless displaying a valid permit. You cannot park on single yellow lines.

Parking enforcement

We regularly patrol Wirral to ensure that vehicles are parked in accordance with the Highway Code and local restrictions. Parking tickets can be issued where cars are parked unlawfully.

We cannot deal with neighbour disputes or inconsiderate parking where no offence has been committed. Nor can we respond to requests for an additional or immediate traffic warden presence.

Disabled parking bays

Disabled parking bays are only advisory, which means that it is not possible for the Council to enforce who may or may not use the bay.
More information on disabled parking bays

Wirral Council’s Parking Policy