Green bins are for general household waste.


Bins are collected every other week. Check your bin collection date and view or download calendar.

Items allowed in your green bin

  • aerosol cans (empty)
  • biscuit or sweet tins
  • blankets, duvets, pillows
  • bread wrappers
  • carrier bags
  • CDs or DVDs
  • Christmas trees (fake)
  • clinical waste (no sharps or hazardous)
  • clothes
  • coat hangers
  • corks
  • cornstarch packaging or film
  • crisp packets
  • crockery 
  • foil
  • food waste
  • glasses (drinking)
  • handbags or belts
  • ice cream tubs
  • light bulbs
  • margarine or butter tubs
  • metal
  • microwave meal trays
  • nappies
  • ornaments
  • pet litter
  • pizza boxes (dirty or greasy)
  • plant pots
  • plastic film or packaging
  • plastic food trays
  • polystyrene
  • shoes
  • shredded paper
  • sports equipment
  • sweet wrappers
  • Tetra Paks (waxed cartons)
  • textiles
  • tissues
  • towels
  • toys
  • vacuum cleaner bags
  • wallpaper (used)
  • yogurt pots
  • zipper food bags

Items not allowed in your green bin

  • hazardous waste
  • asbestos
  • plasterboard
  • electrical items
  • paint
  • fluorescent tubes and low energy light bulbs
  • pesticides
  • Loose dust (unless it is sealed in a bag before placing in the green bin)

​Learn how to keep your wheelie bin clean

Find out more about what can be recycled

Recycle Right logoRecycle Right provides advice on exactly what can and cannot be recycled if you live in the Wirral Council area. 

Report a missed green bin collection

If your green wheelie bin has not been collected by 5:00pm on your collection day, you can report it to us as missed.

Report a missed green bin collection