There is a charge for the garden waste collection service.

Cost for collections from 29 Jun 2021 to 31 May 2022

  • £43 for the first bin to be collected
  • £25 for each additional bin to be collected
  • £40 for a new or replacement brown bin

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Charging period

Collections run from 29 June 2021 to 31 May 2022. There are no collections between 21 December 2021 and 3 January 2022.


Garden waste bins are collected every other week from addresses that subscribe to the service.

Check your brown bin collection dates and view the calendar

Wirral Council and Biffa have been working hard to put measures in place to keep bin collection crews as safe as possible while carrying out their duties. To help us do this please:

  • follow the social distancing guidelines
  • ensure all waste is contained in your bins with the lid closed and no waste is loose at a collection point
  • anyone who feels ill at home (whether diagnosed with COVID-19 or not) should place all their waste in the general rubbish bin, and should double-bag it, making sure the bags are securely tied. Wait at least 72 hours before placing it out for collection. This material should not be put in your recycling.

Items allowed in your brown bin

  • grass mowings
  • hedge cuttings
  • pruning
  • leaves
  • weeds
  • dead flowers
  • Christmas trees; real trees only, and please chop up to ensure it fits in your bin

Please ensure all of your garden waste fits inside your bin. Chop up hedge cuttings and pruning if necessary.

Learn how to keep your wheelie bin clean

How to put your bin out

Please remember the following to make sure we are able to collect your bin:

  • put your bin out at the usual collection point by 7am on the scheduled day
  • don’t over fill your brown bin; the lid must be closed to stop garden waste spilling out
  • make sure your bin isn’t too heavy; it won’t be able to be emptied as the lifting equipment has a weight limit
  • don’t squash the waste down; it could get stuck in the bin or make the bin too heavy. Both will mean that your bin isn’t emptied.
  • if all your garden waste doesn’t fit in the bin, please store the excess until your next collection
  • don’t put bags of garden waste in or next to the bin. We can’t collect bagged garden waste as it can’t be reprocessed.

How else can I get rid of garden waste?

You can use garden waste to make compost at home. For composting advice visit the Recycling Now website.

You can also take garden waste to your local rubbish tip free of charge. Please check the MRWA website or their Twitter feeds @MerseysideRWA and @GoRecycleRight for updates on availability, restrictions and opening times.

How will the waste collectors know I have subscribed to the service?

Only bins with a valid 2021/22 permit will be emptied from the 29 June 2021. Please put your permit on your bin as soon as you receive it, so that your collections will continue without interruption.

Change of address

If you move house please tell us by using the change of address form.

Refunds cannot be issued if you move out of the area.

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Can I get a refund if I cancel my subscription?

If you paid by debit card or credit card

You can cancel this service and obtain a full refund within 10 working days of your subscription date. If you have received a collection within this period then a refund will not apply.

If you paid by Direct Debit

You have a 10 working day cooling off period before the initial payment is taken. You can cancel during this cooling off period and no payment will be taken and you will not be subscribed to the service. Once payment has been taken, a refund will not apply.

Refunds will not be issued if you move out of the area.

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Update or cancel a Direct Debit

You can update or cancel your Direct Debit either by contacting your bank, or by logging into your MyWirral account.

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Missed collections

If your bin is not collected on the scheduled day, please do not report a missed collection until after 5pm.

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