The council is responsible for the allocation of postal addresses within the borough. The allocation of postcodes is the responsibility of the Royal Mail. Without an official postal address, properties will not be registered with the council and a postcode will not be allocated.

New street name, property name or number

Applications for new addresses should be submitted as soon as planning permission has been given approval and works have started. Utility companies may not install their services until an official postal address is allocated.

When new street names or property names for large developments are required, you are advised to put forward three suggestions that are historic for that area. Alternatively, the Local History Society will be contacted for their suggestions. In some circumstances other names may be used, but approval is needed by the council.

If applications are submitted at a late stage of the development, problems may occur, especially if the street name or property names or numbers suggested are rejected.

Small or single developments will usually be numbered into the existing street. If the property is within a numbered road, then ABCs are used along with the adjoining number e.g. 10a. If there are no numbers available a name will be given to the small development and numbered accordingly.


You can submit an application to request to:

  • change an existing house name
  • request a new house number in an existing street
  • request a new number and new street name
  • enquire about a matter relating to street naming or numbering

Make a street naming or numbering request 

When approval is given you will be contacted with details confirming the postal address. Royal Mail, emergency services and utility companies will also be informed of the new address.