Pay a bill online

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You can make an online payment for:

  • Council Tax (you can also pay Council Tax by Direct Debit)
  • Business Rates
  • Housing Benefit overpayments
  • Non-parking Fixed Penalty Notices
  • Other invoices,┬áincluding social care fees, instrumental music or planning fees
  • Other payments, including highway permits, licenses, school travel pass

Pay a bill online for brown bin garden waste collection

Pay a parking fine

Invoicing enquiries

For enquiries about invoices please contact the council using the phone number on your invoice.

Request a copy of an invoice

Request to delay debt recovery action

Ask to repay by instalments

Dispute an invoice

Request a statement of invoices

Help and more information

View help for paying your bill or invoice to Wirral Council online.

Find out how we keep your payment information secure.