Please note that comments submitted to the council cannot be treated as confidential and will be made available for public inspection without exception.

Representations are kept on file with the application and form part of the public record, which must be presented upon request.

The stance and address of the person making comments will be published online as part of the register. We value the privacy of your data and we advise you to read the Development Management Privacy Notice.

If you wish to make a comment, you must do so as quickly as possible and within a set time limit. You can do this:

Environmental Services
Town Hall
Brighton Street
Wirral, CH44 8ED

Please give your name and address, saying which application you are commenting on and why you think permission should or should not be given.


A qualifying petition - one that would refer an application to the Planning Committee and enable one representative of the petition to speak at the meeting - must contain 25 signatures or more.

The petition should be submitted on or before the earliest decision date to ensure it is taken into consideration.  However, petitions received before noon, 3 working days before the date of the Planning Committee meeting may be accepted subject to the Chair of Planning Committee’s discretion.