About the decision process

Each application is considered on its individual merits. If a proposal meets the relevant policies and standards, planning permission will normally be granted.

The Council can only take into account matters which are directly relevant to the planning process.

Find out what are material considerations in determining applications:

Who makes the decision?

Most applications are dealt with by planning professionals without the need to go before a committee. This process is known as the Scheme of Delegation.

Planning Committee

Larger projects or those with significant public interest will usually go before a Planning Committee of 13 elected Councillors. Please refer to the Scheme of Delegation above to see those applications which would be referred to Planning Committee.

This is a meeting that may be attended by anyone to observe. However where there is a qualifying petition submitted with an application, one representative of the petition may address the Committee. Please see our Code of Conduct for more information.

The agenda is published five working days beforehand.