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Matter 1

Matter 2

Matter 3

Matter 4

Matter 5

Matter 6

Hearing Dates

Block 1

Week One - Committee Room 1 & 2, Wallasey Town Hall

Day One: Tuesday 18 April 2023

10:00: Inspector's introductions, Council's opening statements, Administrative Points
11:30: Matter 1, Issue 1
14:00: Matter 1, Issue 2

Day Two: Wednesday 19 April 2023

09:30: Matter 1, Issue 3
11:30: Matter 1, Issue 4

Week Two - Hearings will be held virtually

Day Three: Tuesday 9 May 2023 

09:30: Matter 5, Detailed Policies
14:00: Matter 5, Detailed Policies

Wednesday 10 May 2023

No hearings / industrial action

Day Four: Thursday 11 May 2023

09:30: Matter 5, Detailed Policies
14:00: Matter 6, Minerals, Waste, Pollution, Geology 

Reserve Day: Friday 12 May 2023

Friday to be held in reserve as contingency for any final matters not covered in earlier sessions and for any administrative / programming issues. Likely virtual morning session as needed.

Block 2

Week Commencing Monday 11 September

Week Commencing Monday 2 October

Week Commencing Monday 9 October

Week Commencing Monday 16 October

Week Commencing Monday 23 October

Week Commencing Monday 30 October

Week Commencing Monday 6 November (Reserve week)

Block 2 Hearings will be held in Birkenhead Town Hall.

Hearing Information

Block 2 sessions will be held in Birkenhead Town Hall. 

Birkenhead Town Hall
Hamilton Street
CH41 5BR


Limited seating will be provided for observers to observe the hearing sessions in the main Assembly Hall. It is recommended you use the main entrance on Hamilton Street to access the building.

If you wish to observe the sessions, please refrain from sitting in any reserved seats, as these are reserved for those participating in the hearing session.


The hearing sessions will also be livestreamed. On the day of the hearing, if you wish to watch a livestream of the hearing session, please follow the link below and select the hearing session that is taking place that day:


Recording of hearing sessions

All of the hearing sessions will be recorded and will be available to view via a link on this page. Links to the recordings will appear on this page once the hearing session has concluded. Please note: Due to the large file sizes involved, this will not happen immediately.

If you are participating in the hearing sessions and have any concerns about being recorded, please let the programme officer know.


On-street parking is available in Hamilton Square (charges apply). There are also a number of disabled parking spaces which are free of charge (blue badges must be displayed).

Food and refreshments

You are welcome to consume food on the premises, but please ensure that you dispose of any litter properly. Water will be available throughout the hearing sessions.  There are food purchase options available nearby,


The main entrance is wheelchair accessible and adapted toilets are provided at the venue. A lift is available to all floors. Hearing loop facilities are fitted as standard in all meeting areas.

If you have any specific requirements, please let the programme officer know as soon as possible.


If you are participating at the hearing sessions, please refer to the latest published programme for the hearing times and check that your name is listed on the programme for all the hearing sessions you are due to participate in. If you are not listed as you expected please contact the programme officer immediately. It is the responsibility of individual participants to check the latest timetable and to ensure that they are present at the correct time.

The hearings will take place in the Main Assembly Hall, if you are listed as a participant or additional participant then a nameplate will be placed at your seat. This is your designated seat, please do not move this and sit elsewhere.

Plug sockets

There are limited plug sockets available, therefore, it is advised that any electronic equipment you require during the hearing is charged beforehand.

Virtual hearings

Week 3 of the hearings and any reserve days will be held virtually. If you are participating in the Week 3 sessions or in a session that has been moved to a reserve day, the programme officer will send you an electronic invite shortly before the hearing session.

If you wish to observe these sessions, they will be live-streamed and recorded.

Recordings of Previous Hearing Sessions

Tuesday 18th April 2023 - Day One

View the recording on Matter 1, Issue 1 and Issue 2

Wednesday 19th April 2023 - Day Two

View the recording on Matter 1, Issue 3 and Issue 4

Tuesday 09th May 2023 - Day Three

View the recording on Matter 5 - Detailed Policies

Thursday 11th May 2023 - Day Four (Morning Session)

View the recording on Matter 5 - Detailed Policies

Thursday 11th May 2023 - Day Four (Afternoon Session)

View the recording on Matter 6 - Minerals, Waste, Pollution and Geology