Trees in conservation areas

Anyone proposing to carry out works to trees within a Conservation Area is required to give the Local Planning Authority six weeks prior written notice. This applies even if the trees are not protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO).

You shouldn’t carry out any work during this period unless you have received agreement from the council. Failure to give notice is an offence.

Read more about trees in conservation areas on GOV.UK

Notification of proposed works to a tree in a conservation area

The quickest and easiest way to do this is through the government’s planning website. You can complete forms and send your plans and documents online.

Apply and submit online

Further information about tree preservation orders and trees in conservation areas at GOV.UK

A register of all applications for tree works is available for inspection in the Planning department.

Dead and dangerous trees

The Local Planning Authority's consent is not required for any protected tree that is dead or dangerous. However, anybody proposing to cut down such a tree is advised to give five day’s written notice, unless it’s an emergency. The removal of deadwood and broken branches is also included within this exemption.

Further guidance can be found at GOV.UK

You could be prosecuted if the Council considers you have carried out unauthorised work. It’s in your best interest to always check with the Wirral Council’s Tree Preservation Officer at

Planning permission

Local Planning Authority consent is not required to carry out works to protected trees if full planning permission has been granted and is necessary for the implementation of the approved development.

In all other circumstances, if you intend to carry out work on any protected tree, you should submit an application to do so. If you intend to carry out works to trees on both your own land and neighbouring land, separate applications will be required.

Problems with trees along roads

Report a problem with trees along a road