Regularisation application

A Regularisation Application is required where works have already been carried out without consent and the owners wish them to officially conform to Building Regulations. 

Please note that it is illegal to carry out work requiring Building Regulations without first submitting an application.

Apply online

You can download a form to print and complete:

Apply and pay by phone on 0151 691 8454. Please make sure you have your credit/debit card details ready, together with all information regarding the proposed work.

Submitting an application by email

Six easy steps to email submission of plans and documents:

  1. convert any drawings or documents to PDF format
  2. complete the relevant application form
  3. attach all the relevant files to your email
  4. email to
  5. ensure that payment is made for the relevant fee charge within seven days
  6. once payment has been received you will receive confirmation that your application has been accepted and we will then continue to deal with your application in the usual manner

Once a Regularisation Application has been submitted, you should contact us to arrange an initial inspection. 

The Building Control Officer will advise you of which parts of the works require opening up for more detailed inspection.  This is often required where construction has been hidden behind plasterboard or under floors etc.

Once we have inspected the work we can determine whether compliance has been achieved.  If compliant, a Regularisation Certificate’ will be issued. 

If non-compliant you will be advised in writing of the contraventions - thus giving you the opportunity to rectify the works. Once this is achieved, a Regularisation Certificate may then be issued.

Please note that the charges you have paid will not be refunded in any circumstances.

An application for a Regularisation Certificate can only be made where:

  • the work commenced after 11 November 1985
  • no application was made at the time
  • the work came within the scope of building regulations

If you can’t find what you are looking for please contact us on 0151 691 8454 or and we will be happy to help you.