Road obstructions

It’s an offence to block a public road and you may be fined if you cause an obstruction. The council has no authority over privately owned roads or private property.

To report an obstruction that poses an immediate danger to the public – like a fallen tree that is blocking a public road - please phone:

  • 0151 606 2004 - Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm
  • 0151 647 7810 - Outside of these hours

Report vehicles causing an obstruction

Vehicles that are abandoned or causing an obstruction should be reported to Merseyside Police:

Report an abandoned vehicle

Reporting road and pavement obstructions

You can tell the council about things that are blocking a road or pavement. This includes overhanging tree branches and shop signs and displays.

Report something that is blocking a road or pavement

Report vehicles being sold or repaired on the highway as a business

Report a problem with an advertising trailer on a road

If an advertising trailer is causing a danger to highway safety or obstructing the use of the highway, please contact the police. Otherwise, you can use the enforcement complaint form to report a problem with an advertising trailer on the highway. 

Report a problem with an advertising trailer in the highway

Apply for permission to build a car crossing

We have now resumed the installation of vehicle crossings if you need to drive across a pavement to get from your home to a road.

Find out more information and apply to build a vehicle crossing