Vehicle crossings with a dropped kerb

If you have to drive across a pavement to get from your home to a road, you can apply to build a vehicle crossing. This will include a dropped kerb to make it easier for you to get onto the road.

Permission to build a vehicle crossing

You must apply for permission to build a vehicle crossing with a dropped kerb outside your house. You may also need planning permission if your property is located on a classified road. Any unauthorised crossings may be removed and you could be billed for the cost of the work.

Using the council to build a vehicle crossing

Wirral Council can appoint a contractor to build a vehicle crossing for you. There is a cost of £75 for a vehicle crossing estimate and survey.

If you decide to use the council to do the work, the £75 will be deducted from the total cost.

You can apply for a vehicle crossing to be built by completing the online form below. You can also call Street Scene on 0151 606 2004.

You will need to create a MyWirral account, if you don't already have one, before you can apply online or by phone.

Apply for a vehicle crossing

Find out if you need planning approval

If your property is on a main road, you may need to get planning approval before any work can be started. Contact the Planning section at to find out if you will need planning approval.

Employing your own contractor

If you wish, you can use your own contractor to carry out the work. However, it is a legal requirement for Wirral Council to supervise such works.

A fee is payable to the council for this service:

  • £175 for a residential crossing
  • £250 for a commercial crossing

A residential crossing is a crossing for one household. A commercial crossing is for a business or a residence of multiple occupancy, taking more than three cars.

The contractor you use must have the relevant Street Works accreditation. They must also have Public Liability insurance of £5 million.

Apply for permission to use your own contractor

Email to request an application form. Please provide the address for the crossing when you request the form.

We cannot proceed with the application until the fee has been paid. To pay the fee select 'Vehicle crossing' on the payments page.

Work should not start until a permit has been granted. We cannot recommend a contractor.