Roads may need to be closed for a short time for road works or for public utilities - such as gas, water and electricity suppliers – to carry out street works.

Requesting a temporary road closure

Sometimes roads need to be closed for events, demonstrations, street parties or filming. Alternatively, it could be for building or demolition work.

If you are planning something that could have an impact on the traffic flow on Wirral’s roads, it’s essential that you contact us for advice beforehand. You must also be able to show consent from the majority of the residents who will be affected.

You will have to pay a minimum charge of £141 to the Council for the preparation of a legal order. Additional costs may be charged for temporary traffic management.

Find out more about organising a street party.

The Wirral Network Management Plan provides further information on event guidelines.


Please give as much notice as possible - a minimum of 8-12 weeks - especially if your request is for a major closure.


  • fees apply for the closure (see below), as well as legal costs and the involvement of our traffic management team
  • special events such as demonstrations, parades, sporting events or street parties may require the road to be closed off to general traffic. You must apply for a temporary road closure and, in some cases, a temporary traffic regulation order
  • if approved, you will need to inform nearby residents and the local police
  • for street parties and demonstrations you must provide a copy of your public liability insurance
  • the Wirral Event Safety Advisory Group (WESAG) is an essential contact point for anybody wishing to organise an event

Temporary road closures

  • public utility street works or construction activities - £1,350
  • special events - £391, reduced to £141 if the application is submitted by the AA or RAC
  • in some cases, additional charges may apply

Apply for a temporary road closure

Permanent road closures

Requests are dealt with on an individual basis. They need to follow strict guidelines and will require public consultation.

Apply for a permanent road closure