Road closure requests

Apply for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO)

A Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) is made by us when it is necessary to temporarily stop or limit vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic along the highway.

Where are TTROs used?

TTROs can be applied to roads, footways or Public Rights of Way (PRoWs). We can make a TTRO:

  • to cover a planned situation, or if a restriction is needed immediately for an unplanned situation
  • to allow essential works to be carried out on the highway such as installation of, or maintenance works to, services for example gas, electricity or water for works next to the highway such as large developments

Common types of TTROs

  • road closures
  • waiting restriction
  • weight restrictions

They can also take the form of a:

  • banned turn
  • one-way restriction
  • speed limit or
  • prohibition of entry

How to apply

Before submitting your TTRO application you must have applied for, and been granted, a PAA (Provisional Advanced Authorisation) from the Streetworks team:

Once the PAA has been granted, please complete the attached TTRO application form below and submit to along with a temporary traffic management plan clearly showing the extent of the closure and proposed alternative routes.

Please note that if the date you are requesting for the TTRO is different to that date stated on the PAA, the TTRO will not be processed and you will be redirected back to the permit team.

How do I apply for a standard TTRO?

The application form should be completed and returned by email to

How much does a standard TTRO cost?

The cost is currently £1,652.00. The fee is made up of:

  • Legal advertising costs
  • Legal administration costs and
  • Processing fee

The cost does not include any temporary traffic management costs associated with the proposed restrictions. Any traffic management or signing necessitated by the TTRO should be arranged and paid for by the applicant.

A payment reference number will be provided upon receipt of your TTRO application. Payment can then be made online below:

Make the payment online

How long does it take?

TTROs are made under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as amended, and take 12 weeks to process.

A consultation process is undertaken with the police, emergency and other services.

The TTRO process will no commence until we are in receipt of all required documentation.

Special Events

Sometimes roads need to be closed for events, demonstrations, street parties or filming.

You can apply for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) if restrictions are needed to:

  • allow an event to be held
  • enable members of the public to watch the event
  • reduce the disruption to traffic likely to be caused by the event.

You will have to pay a minimum charge of £160 to the council for the preparation of a legal order. Additional costs may be charged for temporary traffic management.

Find out more about organising a street party.


  • if approved, you will need to inform nearby residents and the local police
  • for street parties and demonstrations you must provide a copy of your public liability insurance
  • the Wirral Event Safety Advisory Group (WESAG) is an essential contact point for anybody wishing to organise an event