Report a problem with a road or pavement

The council is responsible for:

  • inspecting roads to identify what repairs are needed
  • repairing potholes and resurfacing roads and road markings
  • repairing and repaving of pavements
  • monitoring and co-ordinating gas, electricity, water and telecommunication company works
  • design and supervision of major road strengthening schemes
  • monitoring and supervision of developments where they impact on the road
  • maintaining street furniture, such as signs, bollards, guard railings, street seats and name plates
  • maintaining roadside grass verges
  • dealing with road-related emergencies such as road collapses, floods, heavy snow and fallen trees
  • installing facilities for people with disabilities


The M53 in Wirral is the responsibility of Highways England. The routes are maintained by Balfour Beatty Mott McDonald (BBMM).

Monitoring and repairing

Every road in Wirral is inspected each year to identify which roads and pavements need most maintenance, based on structural need and priority. We also respond to public reports and any accident risk or occurrence.

Busy town centres are inspected once a month, but quiet cul-de-sacs only once a year.

Broken paving stones, potholes or other defects

Wirral has 737 miles of roads, much of which is bordered by pavements. We cannot afford to fix every defect so we need to prioritise repairs by the level of damage and the amount of traffic on that particular route.

If you’re wondering why some repairs haven’t been made to a road or pavement, it’s because we may have assessed the damage and decided that is a low priority compared to busier areas.

Find out more about how we deal with potholes and road defects