What is being done to deal with potholes?

Each year,  a team of 14 council inspectors routinely checks every road in Wirral on a weekly and monthly schedule. Potholes can develop over a very short time and even appear between inspections, which may mean the council is not aware of it.

This is why it is useful for the public to report them.

Report a pothole or road defect

What is the schedule for filling in potholes?

The service that repairs potholes has recently moved back under council control. They are working through a backlog of work but a new schedule will be made available soon.

Repairs are prioritised based on level of risk to road users and pedestrians and on the location and use of the road. This is set out in the council’s Highway Maintenance Policy. 

Based on this, roads are split into five categories. For example, a category 1 road is a strategic route between two primary destinations, such as the A41. A category 5 road is a local access road serving a small number of properties.

How do I report a pothole?

Please report all potholes online regardless of how big they are. This allows the council to add each pothole to its maintenance schedule and monitor how many it has to repair moving forward.

Report a pothole or road defect

What happens after I report a pothole?

An inspector will visit the site and assess whether a pothole needs urgent repair or not. If it does, the repair team will carry out the work as quickly as possible.

Does a pothole have to be a certain depth before it is filled?

Yes. Due to limited resources, potholes are selected for repair based on priority need as mentioned earlier. They need to be a depth of 40mm or more, with a sharp edge and more than 300mm wide to be considered for repair.