Potholes and road damage

What is being done to deal with potholes?

A team of 15 council inspectors routinely check every road in Wirral on an annual basis, with some roads being inspected more frequently due to their location. 

The council's maintenance programme invests in our roads to fix problems with potholes and other surface issues.

The roads in this programme are chosen for repair after surveys have been completed and put together with reports from highways inspectors, councillors and residents.

Potholes can develop over a very short time and even appear between inspections, which may mean the council is not aware.

What is the schedule for filling in potholes?

We have an annual maintenance programme in which we aim to repair them along with other road surface issues.

Wirral use a risk-based approach to prioritising repairs based on the use of the road and its location.

How do I report a pothole?

Please report all potholes online. A risk-based approach will be used to schedule repairs, but by reporting a pothole you may be telling us about one that we aren't already aware of.

Report a pothole or road damage

What happens after I report a pothole?

An inspector will visit the site and assess risk, following which a repair will be considered. The repair response time will be considered. The repair response time will also depend on the level of risk the defect poses.

Does a pothole have to be a certain size before it is filled?

Yes. To be assessed as a risk, they need to be a depth of 40mm or more, with a sharp edge, and more than 300mm wide.