The Definitive Map is the legal record of public rights of way and is prepared by Wirral Council as the surveying authority. A 'way' shown on the map is divided into three categories:

  • Footpath
  • Bridleway
  • Byway

The Definitive Statement provides a description of every ‘way’ recorded.

The Definitive Map shows the Wirral region broken down into 13 numbered areas. 

Paper Copies of the Council’s Definitive Map and Statement can be inspected at:

  • Bebington Central Library
  • Birkenhead Central Library
  • Heswall Library
  • Hoylake Library
  • Wallasey Library
  • The Rights of Way office at Hamilton Building

Online Definitive Maps are currently being reviewed.

If you have any queries please contact or telephone 0151 606 2480.