Wirral parking app with JustPark

What is cashless parking?

You can use your mobile phone to pay via the JustPark app or by calling to pay. You can search, navigate and pay for parking spaces using the app. Users of the app are charged just 2p per transaction.  

What are the benefits?

Park hassle-free with a seamless payment process, and extend your parking on the go. Once registered, all you’ll need is the location number of the car park to pay in under 30 seconds.

Need to keep a record of where you’ve parked, when and how much you paid? Unlike using a pay and display machine, cashless parking allows you to store your full parking history, including VAT receipts, digitally, so you easily access this information whenever you need.

What is JustPark?

JustPark is an app, website and phone service that is making parking easy for drivers across the UK. 

How to register

You can register for JustPark in advance or on-the-spot at the car park, and you’ll be set up in just a matter of minutes.

Register for JustPark online:

Download the JustPark iPhone appDownload the JustPark Android app

How to pay

Pay with the JustPark app:

  • download the JustPark app - via the App Store for iPhone, or Google Play Store for Android mobile phones
  • once in the app, enter the location ID of the car park (shown on the JustPark sign)
  • select the length of time you want to park for
  • tap pay and create an account
  • add your number plate and payment details

Call to pay

To pay for parking:

  • call the number provided
  • enter the location ID
  • choose the length of time you want to park
  • say your number plate
  • enter your card details

Reminder texts and notifications

Running late or lost track of time? JustPark sends you a friendly text or notification to remind you when your booking is about to expire. If you need more time, you can easily extend your booking with just a few taps of the app or a quick text, so you can carry on without the worry of getting a ticket.

Find parking in Wirral

With the JustPark app, you can find parking in Wirral whenever you need it. The will enable you to navigate to a car park if you do not know where it is.