The collection of school records held by Wirral Archives Service dates back to 1862 and currently covers 78 schools. The collection comprises of information relating to board schools and council schools, church schools, primary and middle schools, secondary modern schools, comprehensive schools, grammar and high schools, and technical colleges.

The records include:

  • Head teachers’ log books, which detail daily entries of school events and other miscellaneous information.

  • Admission and withdrawal registers, which provide information on individual pupils. They name the child and give the date of admission, the father’s name and address (and sometimes the mother’s name), the child’s date of birth, the name of his or her previous school, and the date of leaving.

  • other school records such as magazines, histories and photographs.

Schools we hold records for:


  • Higher Bebington National School, Bebington


  • Beckwith Street Temporary Board School, Birkenhead
  • Beckwith Street Wesleyan School, Birkenhead
  • Bidston Avenue Primary School, Birkenhead
  • Birkenhead Girls Junior Instruction Centre, Beechcroft
  • Birkenhead Institute
  • Birkenhead Technical College Library
  • Brassey Street Schools, Birkenhead
  • Cathcart Street School, Birkenhead
  • Claughton Road Special School, Birkenhead
  • Cleveland Street Temporary Council School, Birkenhead
  • Cole Street Primary School, Birkenhead
  • Conway Street Central School, Birkenhead
  • Conway Street Higher Elementary School, Birkenhead
  • Gautby Road School, Birkenhead
  • Girls Secondary School, Birkenhead
  • Hamilton Secondary Modern School for Boys, Birkenhead
  • Hermitage British School, Birkenhead
  • Holy Trinity Schools, Birkenhead
  • Laird Street School, Birkenhead
  • Park High School, Birkenhead
  • Pilgrim Street Primary School, Birkenhead
  • Pupil Teachers Centre, Birkenhead
  • Secondary Technical School, Birkenhead
  • St Andrew’s Presbyterian Schools, Birkenhead
  • St Anne’s School, Birkenhead
  • St John’s School, Birkenhead
  • St Laurence’s Roman Catholic School, Birkenhead
  • St Mary’s School, Birkenhead
  • St Matthew’s School, Birkenhead
  • St Paul’s School, Birkenhead
  • St Peter’s School, Birkenhead
  • St Werburgh’s Roman Catholic School, Birkenhead
  • The Woodlands School, Birkenhead
  • Tollemache Road Central School, Birkenhead


  • Bromborough Secondary Modern School

Claughton Village

  • St Bede’s School, Claughton Village


  • Egremont Union Street Infants School


  • Heswall Infants School
  • Moorland House School, Heswall


  • Leasowe Hospital School


  • Manor Road Council School, Liscard
  • Rake Lane British School, Liscard
  • St Mary’s School, Liscard
  • Withensfield School, Liscard


  • Minto House School, Meols


  • Moreton Middle School
  • St Thomas a Becket Roman Catholic School, Moreton

New Brighton

  • Quarry Mount School, New Brighton
  • St James's Schools, New Brighton

New Ferry

  • St Mark’s / Grove Street Primary, New Ferry


  • Prenton Secondary Modern School for Boys

Rock Ferry

  • Dell Primary School
  • Kirklands Secondary Modern School, Rock Ferry
  • Rock Ferry High School
  • Rock Ferry Higher Grade School


  • Church Road Temporary Council School, Seacombe
  • Poulton Road Board School, Seacombe
  • Riverside School, Seacombe
  • Seacombe Mission School
  • Seacombe Wesleyan School
  • St Paul’s School, Seacombe


  • Higher Tranmere High School for Girls
  • Primitive Methodist Day School, Tranmere
  • St Andrew’s Presbyterian Schools, Tranmere
  • St Catherine’s School, Tranmere
  • St Luke’s School, Tranmere
  • St Paul’s School, Tranmere
  • Well Lane School, Tranmere


  • Gorsedale School, Wallasey
  • Poulton Primary School, Wallasey
  • Somerville School, Wallasey
  • St Bede’s Roman Catholic School, Wallasey
  • St George’s School, Wallasey
  • Wallasey Church Schools (St Hilary’s)
  • Wallasey Grammar School
  • Wallasey High School
  • Weatherhead High School, Wallasey

West Kirby

  • West Kirby Grammar School