Hospital Records

These records have been deposited by Wirral Health Authority in accordance with the provisions of the Public Records Act.

All administrative records are closed for 30 years. If you would like to consult an individual’s personal case notes, or the staff file of a hospital employee, apply in writing to the NHS Access to Information Manager, at the following address (make sure to include your postal address):

Access to Information Manager
Information Governance Department
Wirral University Teaching Hospital
Arrowe Park Hospital
Arrowe Park Road
Wirral, CH49 5PE

Or email: 

A/HB Wirral Joint Hospital Board (1888-1948)

Minutes, accounts, registers of patients, mortgages, loans, insurance policies

A/HM Hospital Management Committees (1948-1974)

A/HM/1 Birkenhead (1948-1974)

A/HM/00 Central Wirral (1948-1974)

A/HM/200 North Wirral (1948-1974)

Minutes, reports, accounts, correspondence, circulars

A/HH Individual Hospitals

A/HH/1 Birkenhead General Hospital (1850-1974)

A/HH/20 Birkenhead Children’s Hospital (1870-1979)

A/HH/50 St Catherine’s Hospital, Birkenhead (1863-1979)

A/HH/80 Birkenhead Maternity Hospital (1896-1976)

A/HH/90 Thingwall Hospital (1912-1980)

A/HH/95 St James’s Hospital (1897-1974)

A/HH/100 Clatterbridge Hospital (1836-1974)

A/HH/159 Heathfield Maternity Home, Bromborough (1949-1974)

A/HH/160 Neston Cottage Hospital (1920-1974)

A/HH/169 Port Sanitary Hospital, New Ferry (1902-1958)

A/HH/170 Hoylake Cottage Hospital (1906-1977)

A/HH/191 Heswall Children’s Hospital School (1909-1993)

A/HH/200 Victoria Central Hospital (1885-1974)

A/HH/240 Highfield Maternity Hospital, Wallasey (1938-1974)

A/HH/250 Wallasey Hospital for Women (1867-1974)

A/HH/270 Leasowe Hospital (1913-1982)

A/HH/300 Arrowe Park Hospital (1981-1982)

Minutes, annual reports, accounts, registers of nurses, registers of admissions and discharges, registers of patients, registers of operations performed, registers of births and baptisms, registers of deaths, x-ray registers, registers of patients’ property, hospital school records, newspaper cuttings, photographs, publications

The following hospitals have not deposited records, but notes on them are contained in the catalogue file:

  • Caldy Manor Hospital
  • Cleaver Hospital, Heswall

A/EC Executive Councils

Birkenhead Executive Council

Wallasey Executive Council


A/FP Family Practitioner Services