There are 40 allotment sites across Wirral. You can view below a list of allotment locations in Wirral. If you want to know more, contact details and information is provided on the allotment site's noticeboard.


Recently we have received an extremely high demand for allotments. After consultation with site secretaries, we have decided to restrict the total number of applications for certain sites to 100 per site.

This is to minimise the disappointment of not being able to obtain a plot and being on the waiting list for a number of years.

As a result of the new restriction, the waiting lists for the following sites are full and we are no longer accepting applications:

  • Belvidere Road
  • Earlston
  • Manor Drive


As of 1 April 2022, the cost for renting an allotment is £120 per year for a full plot and £60 for a half plot, running from 1 October to 30 September.

Apply for an allotment

Pay for an allotment

Pay for your allotment online by selecting the option 'Miscellaneous Invoices':

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Select 'Miscellaneous Invoices'.

Read further information for allotment plot holders and how to get started

Lost allotment keys

Replacement keys cost £10 and are made available within 14 days, subject to the terms of the allotment plot tenancy. It is a requirement that plot holders keep good care of the key they are given. Contact details are found on allotment noticeboards.

Crimes on council allotments

Crimes such as theft and vandalism on council allotments should be reported to Merseyside Police.

Allotment locations in Wirral

Site Number
of plots
Address Entrance
Ashton Park 8 Westbourne Road, West Kirby by 83 Westbourne Road
Beaconsfield Road 28 Beaconsfield Road, New Ferry in Mayfields South
Bebington Road 260 Bebington Road, Bebington by 186 Bebington Road
Bedford Avenue 13 Bedford Avenue, Tranmere by 69 Bebington Road
Belvidere Road 17 Belvidere Road, Wallasey by 48 Belvidere Road
Boundary Road 40 Boundary Road, Bidston opposite Flaybrick Cemetery
Buckingham Road 46 Buckingham Road, Wallasey by 11 Buckingham Road
Carlett Park 35 St David Road, Eastham by 33 St Davids Road
Carrodus 36 Hoylake Road, Bidston by 77 Hoylake Road
Church Road 13 Church Road, Tranmere corner of Church Road and Elm Road
Coronation Park 49 Greasby Road, Greasby in Coronation Park
Cross Lane 29 Cross Lane, Wallasey Cross Lane
Dawson 68 Kings Lane, Bebington by 89 Kings Lane
Earlston 10 Earlston Road, Wallasey in Earlston Gardens
Fairview Road 24 Fairview Road, Oxton by 47 Storeton Road
Forwood Road 26 Forwood Road, Bromborough Forwood Road
Grange Hill 18 Grange Old Road, West Kirby on Grange Hill
Harris 195 Prenton Road West, Prenton by 59 Prenton Road West
Hill Road 39 Hill Road, Bidston opposite 12 Hill Road
Ilford Avenue 78 Ilford Avenue, Poulton by 31 Ilford Avenue
King George's Way 19 Boundary Road, Bidston opposite 32 Boundary Road
Landican 26 Woodchurch Road, Woodchurch by Arrowe Park traffic lights
Lansdowne Place 5 Lansdowne Place, Bidston by 1 Lansdowne Place
Love Lane 94 Love Lane, Liscard by Central Park bowling greens
Manor Drive 18 Manor Drive, Upton by motorway flyover
Manor Lane 8 Manor Lane, Rock Ferry by 23 Bedford Road
Molyneux 20 Moore Avenue, Rock Ferry by 9 Moore Avenue
Mosslands 44 Mosslands Drive, Wallasey by 160 Mosslands Drive
Mountwood 21 Borough Road, Prenton by 970 Borough Road
Newton Park 41 Newton Park Road, West Kirby by 39 Newton Park Road
Ormonde 43 Storeton Road, Prenton by traffic lights by Corfe Stone
Plymyard 87 Bridle Road, Bromborough by Plymyard Cemetery
Salacre 29 Salacre Lane, Upton by St Mary's churchyard
Shaftesbury 2 Mendip Close, Prenton by 2 Mendip Close
Shakeshaft 11 Observatory Road, Bidston by 43 Observatory Road
St James 5 Tollemache Road, Bidston by 192 Tollemache Road
Sumner Road 11 Sumner Road, Bidston by 41 Sumner Road
Teehey Lane 71 Teehey Lane, Bebington by 259 Teehey Lane
Thornton 31 Vyner Road North, Bidston Vyner Road North
Tollemache 30 Tollemache Road, Bidston by 27 Tollemache Road
Upton Road 14 Hill Road, Bidston by 34 Hill Road