Weight Management

If you are overweight, weight loss can benefit your overall health. Making simple changes to your eating and exercise routine can help you lose weight. It can also reduce your chances of developing weight-related health problems such as back and joint pain, heart disease and diabetes.

Get started on your weight loss journey

There are lots of free smartphone NHS apps available to help you out:

  • NHS Food Scanner app - start finding healthier swaps today!
  • Couch to 5K app - a running app for absolute beginners
  • BMI Calculator app - check your body mass index
  • Easy Meals app - meal ideas, recipes, cooking tips
  • Active 10 app - track and build up your daily walks. Start with 10 minutes every day

Get active outdoors in Wirral

Get active at home

Cooking simple food

Cooking is a useful skill to help you lose weight, while using good-for-you ingredients and saving you money.

Additional weight management support in Wirral

There are a number of options for you to access free weight management support in Wirral. To access the support, you must be referred by a health professional at your Wirral GP who will check if this support is right for you. To do this, they will measure your height and weight to find your BMI and check that you meet the criteria.

You can attend these services if you are registered with a Wirral GP and have not attended a weight management service in the past 3 months.

WW (previously Weight Watchers) and Slimming World

WW and Slimming World offer 12 weeks’ access to full membership.

  • BMI of 30+ (lower with other conditions)
  • aged 16+

WW offer an online service, as well as in-person sessions across Wirral. Find your local WW group

Slimming World offer in-person sessions across Wirral. Find your local Slimming World group

NHS Digital Weight Management Programme

This service offers 12 weeks’ online weight management support, with options to customise the support.

  • BMI of 30+ (lower with other conditions)
  • aged 18+

Access the programme

NHS Wirral Weight Management Service

This service is a customised support plan with classes on nutrition, as well as supervised exercise sessions, advice on changing your mindset, and health plan reviews. This service is offered to those with a higher BMI over 39.9.

  • BMI of 39.9+
  • aged 18+

Find out where you can access the service