Assessing your adult support needs

Before we can decide what support you should receive and how it should be paid for, you need to complete a needs assessment.

A needs assessment is free of charge and will identify your specific needs, based on:

  • your health and safety
  • your ability to manage personal and daily routines
  • your independence
  • your wellbeing
  • your ability to make your own choices

You can do this for yourself or on behalf of someone you know. The form can also be used by professionals such as doctors or care workers.

This will allow us to determine what help you may need. This could range from simple advice and information to complex support needs.

Complete an initial online needs assessment

Log in to open a saved assessment form

You may also have to supply documents as evidence of your circumstances. You’ll be notified of this during the assessment.

What happens next?

Once the assessment is completed, we’ll use the information you provide to:

  • refer you to information about services, advice and guidance
  • alert the appropriate team, if further assessment of your circumstances is required
  • redirect you to a more appropriate source to deal with your request, if the council is not able to help
  • arrange emergency social care support if the situation is an emergency

If you are likely to need ongoing support, a financial assessment will be undertaken to establish if you need to contribute to your care costs.