You will need to complete a financial assessment to find out how much you may be expected to pay towards the cost of your care. You can do this anonymously online without submitting it to Wirral for processing.

A financial assessment will offer an estimate of the maximum that you would need to pay for a Wirral Council-commissioned service. If you decide to choose a level of care that is less than this, then you would pay a lower amount.

The council may ask you to complete an online financial assessment. This could be because your needs or circumstances have changed.

You may be asked for evidence of your income and outgoings (for example, bank statements), or a financial assessor may need to visit you even if you complete this assessment online.

If you are not currently receiving services from Wirral Council you will need to submit a financial assessment and an assessment of your support needs. The financial assessment will not be reviewed without an assessment of your needs.

Complete an online financial assessment

Update a financial assessment - existing customers only