Fly tipping

Fly tipping is the illegal dumping of waste onto any land that is not an authorised waste disposal site, such as:

  • bags of rubbish
  • tyres
  • old sofas or mattresses
  • drums of chemicals

Report fly tipping on council land

Report flytipping on land owned by:

National Grid (Gas) 0845 605 6677
National Grid (Electricity) 01926 653 000
Network Rail (Railway)
United Utilities

Disposal of bulky items

There are a number of ways to get rid of large items that will not fit in wheelie bins:

Did you know you have a legal duty of care to make sure your household waste is disposed of correctly and safely?

If you do use someone other than the council to remove your waste, follow these simple steps to help protect yourself:

  • always ask to see a copy of their waste carrier licence
  • ask for their waste carrier number and contact the Environment Agency directly on 03708 506 506 for a free instant waste carrier check. You can also check online
  • ask where your waste will be taken
  • get a proper receipt or invoice
  • take their vehicle registration number and make a note of the vehicle description

We all need to do the right thing and dispose of our waste properly.

If you see someone fly tipping:

  • take vehicle registration details
  • note the time and location
  • take a description of what waste you have seen being dumped
  • take a description of the people dumping the waste
  • if you do safely, use a camera phone or camera if you have one
  • don’t approach anyone who you see fly tipping