Arrange a pest control visit

To arrange a pest control visit, call 0151 606 2020.


Domestic premises

No exemptions or concessions. All payments must be pre-paid by card.

Service Charge
Rats (in a home or a garden which serves one home)

Indoor domestic mice  
Cockroaches £56 identification charge which must always happen first.
An additional £103 for a maximum of four visits.
Wasps, ants and fleas £79 for a maximum of two visits. The wasp service is available from 1 June to 31 October each year. 
Bedbugs £56 identification charge which must always happen first.
An additional £222 for a maximum of three visits.
Insect identification £56 per sample

Non-domestic premises

Pests treated are rats, mice, fleas, cockroaches, bedbugs, wasps, ants. 

All payments by invoice. Charges exclude VAT, which must be paid by all customers including school academies.

Service Charge (+VAT)
Treatment £99 per hour
£66 per half-hour
Insect identification £56 per sample

For contract rates, please email  for a survey and a quote.

Pest control refund policy

Telephone advice service

Although Wirral Council has no service for treating the species listed below, we can offer a telephone advice consultation with a pest control expert.

Call 0151 606 2020 to book a call-back appointment. The fee is £11 (payable in advance by card only) and we can give advice on the following species:

  • bees
  • biscuit beetles
  • booklice
  • carpet beetles
  • cluster flies
  • blow flies
  • hide beetles
  • silverfish
  • spider beetles
  • woodworm
  • weevils (for example grain and rice weevils)
  • crickets
  • earwigs
  • moths
  • slugs and snails
  • corvids, for example crows and magpies
  • woodlice
  • myriapods (millipedes, centipedes)
  • foxes
  • grey squirrels
  • feral pigeons
  • gulls
  • bats
  • moles

Further information

Pest advice is available on the A-Z of pests at the British Pest Control Association website