Change of address or circumstances for Council Tax

Register for Council Tax

If you move into a new home in Wirral you will need to register for Council Tax.

Register a new address for Council Tax

Council Tax discounts and exemptions

You may be able to get money off your Council Tax bill if there is a change in your circumstances.

Find out more about Council Tax discounts and exemptions

Change of address

Let us know straight away when you move house so we can adjust your bill and make sure you pay the right amount of Council Tax.

Report a change of address

If you have told us about a change of address and are waiting for a new bill, please continue to pay on your old Wirral bill, if you have one. Otherwise check how much your bill will be and set aside money for when your new bill arrives.

Other changes in your circumstances

Tell us if someone in your household dies

Tell us if you leave a property empty

You must also tell us about changes such as:

  • if you have sold a property
  • if you have moved temporarily
  • if you're no longer entitled to a discount or exemption
  • you've changed your name, for example due to marriage
  • if someone moves into or out of your household

To do this please email the details to

If you don't tell us straight away you may be liable to repay any discounts to which you are no longer entitled.

Tenants moving in or out

If you are a landlord you must tell us if you have tenants moving in or out of your property.

Tell us about tenants moving in or out