Wirral is endowed with stunning natural beauty, picturesque villages, a rich history and superb golf courses. With over 50 miles of rural walks, 20 miles of inviting coastline and award-winning accommodation, attractions and cuisine, it is becoming an increasingly popular choice with filmmakers and TV producers alike.

How much notice is required before filming?

The time needed to process your filming application or request varies depending on a number of factors such as:

  • the size of your production
  • the type of shoot
  • whether you need parking suspensions

The general rule is:

  • a minimum of five working days for small crews
  • a minimum of four to five weeks for large crews and complex shoots

When do you need permission to film?

If you are a small crew — five people or fewer — using a handheld camera, and your filming will not cause an obstruction, then there is no restriction to filming on Wirral’s public highway. This also extends to small crews with a tripod. No licence or any form of official permission is required.

If you are considered to be causing an obstruction then there is a risk that you will be stopped from filming. If you think you are likely to cause an obstruction then you need to apply for permission before you start filming.

If we are not aware that you will be filming in the area then you can be asked to stop. If a member of the public complains and you don't have permission to film, then you may be asked to move on by the police.

How to apply for filming permission

Whether or not you need permission, you will always need to complete a filming application form. You'll also need to provide details of your public liability insurance.

Complete a filming application form

Filming fees

Filming at parks and countryside sites

Fees apply for filming at Wirral Council's parks, beaches and countryside sites. To find out more please email allynoonan@wirral.gov.uk or call 0151 606 2293.

Fees apply for filming on Wirral's highways - to find out more, please email janehodgkiss@wirral.gov.uk or call 0151 606 2051.

Administration costs

Depending on the nature of the film shoot, if significant administration is required, for example relating to road closures, an additional charge may apply.


Depending on the nature of the project, a bond may be required in addition to fees.

Road closures and traffic management

Applicants who require a road closure must complete a request form. At least four to six weeks notice is required as there is a legal and consultative process to go through.

Applicants are responsible for the design, provision, maintenance and removal of all temporary traffic management, diversionary signing and the like.

Road closures are considered to be a last resort and will only be granted following a complete application and justification for closing a road.

Charges for road closures

Special event Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) to close roads £141.00
Authorisation of signing scheme and traffic management proposals £247 (£141  if the application is submitted by the AA or RAC)

Request a road closure for filming

Parking charges including costs of suspending bays

Please contact parking.engineer@wirral.gov.uk for permissions and charges.

Using drones for aerial filming

The Liverpool Film Office has produced guidelines to help filmmakers ensure that any use of drones for filming is  safe and legal. Anyone intending to use drones for filming in Wirral should follow these guidelines.