North Birkenhead Safer Streets

The Safer Streets Project was a crime reduction programme in North Birkenhead between October 2020 and March 2021.

The project was led by Wirral Council, in partnership with Merseyside Police, the Police and Crime Commissioner and North Birkenhead Development Trust.

Funding of £550,000 from the Home Office, £150,000 from Wirral Council, and £22,000 from Magenta Living funded programmes working with local people to help decide how and where crime reduction projects should best be placed.

The Safer Streets Project has delivered:

Home Security

There are many simple but effective measures that you can  to keep your house secure, here are a few items of guidance from Merseyside Police:

Working with Merseyside Police, Wirral Council will also be supplying additional home security devices later this year. Please keep an eye on Wirral Council’s social media for further updates.

Additional advice and guidance on Home Security Measures can also be found by contacting The North Birkenhead Development Trust on Facebook

Action Days postponed

A series of Action Days had been planned across North Birkenhead, but have been postponed due to new COVID restrictions.

An alleyway in North Birkenhead before and after clearingIn the meantime, during the post-Christmas national lockdown, teams from Wirral Council and Biffa have been out working in the alleyways of North Birkenhead. They have removed large amounts of rubbish and overgrown weeds to improve the local environment.

When possible, new dates for community action days will be circulated.

Action days are to:

  • provide information to identify issues related to community safety and the local environment
  • clean, clear and make environmental improvements
  • identify and plan further work that is needed to improve the local area