Are you interested in advertising to tens of thousands of motorists, passengers and pedestrians in Wirral every day, for less than £4 per day?

Take advantage of Wirral Council’s roadside advertising opportunities.

You can choose to advertise your company name and logo, promote your website, highlight a particular service or product or even location details of your premises.

You have a choice of prime locations across the Wirral, such as motorway slip roads, roundabouts and key junctions. From less than £4 a day, advertising is easily affordable and cost effective for your company; you can choose to advertise for 6 or 12 months.

How to book

For bookings and further enquiries email:

Questions about outdoor advertising

Where can I advertise?

You can choose to advertise at any of our sites across Wirral. These sites are strategically placed in key locations. You can advertise all across the borough, or locally to your business premises.

Who will see my advert?

Your advert will be seen by tens of thousands of motorists and passengers per day. Certain sites are located in areas where 3,000 motorists will pass per hour! Your advert will be live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can help you choose specific sites for your adverts to target your desired audience:

  • motorists of all ages
  • business people commuting to Liverpool and Chester
  • shoppers
  • users of public transport

Does it work?

Yes it works! We use our Roadside Advertising to advertise our own messages and to promote Wirral Council.

How long can I advertise for?

You can choose to advertise with us for either 6 or 12 months, at our competitive rates.

How much does it cost?

Advertising at one of our locations costs less than £4 per day. Six months' advertising with us is the same price as one week in the local newspapers! You can choose from 3 competitive price ranges: Platinum, Gold or Silver - contact us via email: for more information.

What should I put on my advert?

Your advert will be most effective if it is not overcrowded with information. Remember that people will see your advert whilst driving past or whilst at traffic lights or stopped at junctions. The less information there is to read, the better.

Maybe include:

  • your company name or logo
  • your company website
  • your company contact details
  • your brief message

Who will design the advert?

You can provide your own artwork, or we can get it designed it for you at competitive rates. If you are providing your own artwork, it needs to be 950mm x 400mm and supplied in PDF format. Contact us for a detailed artwork specification.

Can’t I just put my own sign up?

No, you can’t put your own signs up at the sides of roads or motorways. It is illegal and can result in prosecution and a hefty fine.

How do I report a problem with a roadside advertising sign?

If you have any queries about roadside boards, frames or signs, please contact us.

Report a concern about a roadside advertising board or frame