A grave may be purchased at any time but it is generally purchased by the funeral director on behalf of the family following bereavement. It is customary for the nearest surviving relative to be the grave owner.

A month after the purchase of a new grave, the grave owner will receive a document called the ‘Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial’.

The grave owner does not own the land. They only acquire the right of burial, the land, including the graves surface, remains the responsibility of the council.



Following a burial the ground will be levelled, grassed over and maintained by the council with regular grass cutting. An 18 inch planting area will be created for relatives to maintain.

Relatives may plant or place vases etc. within the 18 inch border at the head of the grave. No kerbs, railings, fences, edging stones or chippings etc. will be permitted.

Where a grave has not been tended over a period of time, the authority will grass over the border and maintain the grave as a whole.


Memorials, subject to approval by the council may be placed at the head of the grave. Memorials have to be fixed to NAMM Standards.

More information on memorials.

Burials in nearby graves

The co-operation of grave owners and relatives is requested when the lawn area of their grave is needed when an adjoining grave is opened for a burial. Following the burial the grave will be re-instated and any planting within the 18-inch border restored.

Rock niche graves

A rock niche is a smaller than traditional cremated remains grave with the appearance of a rockery garden. These graves are available at Frankby cemetery and will only permit the burial of three sets of cremated remains.

A traditional headstone is not permitted on these graves, instead memorials consist of a bronze plaque attached to a sandstone base. No kerbs are permitted within the rock niche area.

Relatives must be careful with the selection of plants for planting within the Rock Niche area, as a number of shrubs and conifers will cover not only your rock niche but surrounding graves also. Dwarf growing plants are recommended.