If your bin is missing, lost or stolen you can let us know about it here.

Bins often do turn up before or on the next collection day, so we recommend that you wait until after the next scheduled collection before purchasing a new wheelie bin.

If it is your green bin - please bag your rubbish and put it out for collection at your usual collection point on your scheduled day. Our contractor will be instructed to collect up to five bags, for one collection only.

If it is your grey bin - please store your recycling in a dry location, take it to your local tip or put it in your green wheelie bin.

If it is your brown bin - please store your garden waste in your garden. You will also need to request a replacement permit.

If your bin is still missing following your next scheduled collection, then please contact Streetscene to request a new bin on 0151 606 2004.

New grey recycling bins are currently subsidised by Wirral Council and are free. 

New green general waste bins and brown garden waste bins are £40 from 1 April 2020.

Report a missing bin

To prevent your bin being lost or stolen

  • label your bins with your street name and number
  • keep your bins on your own property at all times other than on collection day
  • return emptied bins back onto your property as soon as possible