If you have been paid too much Housing Benefit you have to pay it back.

If you have mislaid or lost your Housing Benefit overpayment invoice you can request a copy online.

Request a copy invoice

How do I pay it back?

Pay back a Housing Benefit overpayment in full
If you are no longer receiving Housing Benefit and can’t afford to pay back the debt within the next six months, you will need to request to repay the overpayment in instalments.

Request to pay in instalments

If you are still receiving Housing Benefit, your overpayment can be recovered by a set amount each week from your Housing Benefit.

You will have to pay back:

  • £11.25 per week
  • or £18.75 per week if the overpayment was found to be as a result of fraud

You can ask the council to delay recovery action on a Housing Benefit overpayment.

Request to delay recovery action

Deducting earnings

If you cannot afford to pay back the debt we can ask your employer to deduct some of your earnings to pay back your overpayment.   You will be sent a letter asking for the details of your employer.

To ignore the letter is a criminal offence and you may end up with a criminal record and a £1,000 fine.

Employers must complete a payment schedule whenever they submit a payment for an employee.

Fair debt arrangement

If you have more than one debt owing to the council you can make a fair debt application.

Change of address

If you have a housing benefit overpayment you must let us know if you change address. 

Report a change of address

Appeal against a decision

If you have been overpaid and disagree with the amount you can ask for your claim to be looked at again

You must do this within one month of being told by the local authority.