Wirral Council on social media

Our Wirral Council social channels are a great way to keep up to date with news, service updates and local stories:

Many of our services and venues - like Invigor8 (Active Wirral), Wirral Libraries and Williamson Art Gallery and Museum - also have their own Facebook, Instagram and X (Twitter) accounts.

House rules

We know social media is an important way for you to communicate with us, and it’s an important tool for us too. 

Our house rules help keep our social channels useful for everyone. We expect everyone to do their bit - that includes us too.

As a last resort we reserve the right to block persistent offenders or report messages to the police.

What we’ll do

  1. We’ll always try to read every message and answer queries. If the information is already available we’ll direct you to it. If we don’t know the answer we’ll try and find out but please be patient with us: it can take time.
  2. If you need to report an issue, we’ll direct you to the relevant form on our website. These forms are the best way to get all the information needed to the right department.
  3. If we’re able to reply to your query it will be during office hours (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday). Messages aren’t monitored outside these hours or on Bank Holidays. If our availability changes, for example over Christmas, we’ll let you know. If you need to contact the council urgently, alternative contact methods and emergency numbers are available.
  4. We’ll reply as humans. Although we represent the council, we are real people and want to help.
  5. We’ll remain politically neutral and moderate our channels in the same spirit. This includes removing any political or electioneering posts, in accordance with local government guidance.

What we’d like you to do in return

  1. Be polite. We know sometimes things don’t go to plan and we understand you might want to vent. But please remember we’re human and we’ll try and help.
  2. Keep it clean and fair. We don’t mind complaints and grumbles but we won’t tolerate swearing, threats or abuse. We won’t respond to those sorts of messages and we reserve the right to remove them. We’ll also remove anything defamatory, libellous, and anything that breaches data law.
  3. Be kind. We won’t allow our page to be a forum for hate speech or conspiracy theories which could be damaging to our communities. Again, we’ll remove these posts.
  4. Stay on topic. We’re all in favour of debate in the comments, but please keep it relevant. If the post is about street lights, don’t comment about bins.
  5. Don’t over-share in public. If you’ve got an issue we’ll try to help but be careful where you post sensitive information: sending us a private message is probably better.