The MyWirral account is a quick and easy way to contact council services at any time without needing to call us. Registering for an account takes just a couple of minutes. All you need to get started is an email address.

Register for a MyWirral account

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What services can I access?

By registering for the MyWirral account you will be able to securely access a range of council services including those listed below.

Bins and recycling

  • subscribe for a brown bin garden waste collection

Environmental problems

  • report littering, dog fouling and noise nuisance

Housing, planning and building

  • get support if you are at risk of becoming homeless
  • tell the council about empty properties
  • apply for supported housing adaptations
  • report a breach of planning control

Council Tax, benefits, Business Rates and payments

  • cancel a Council Tax discount or exemption
  • apply for Business Rates reliefs
  • dispute council invoices

Other Council Tax and benefits services are available through a separate online account called MyAccount

Parking, roads and travel

  • give feedback on a proposed traffic scheme
  • complain about a taxi

Other services

  • apply for childcare funding for two-year-olds
  • make a complaint or give a compliment to the council
  • register for a Children’s Centre
  • make an enquiry about becoming a foster carer
  • apply for an allotment

Coming soon

We’ll be adding new features and services in the coming months, including:

  • track things that you’ve reported or applied for
  • view and manage your appointments

Sign up for a MyWirral Account

We're asking you to do this to save time and money when contacting us as part of the Wirral Together Headline Deal.