Wirral Tree Wardens

Wirral Tree Warden Scheme

Wirral Tree Warden Network is a passionate community of tree-loving volunteers dedicated to preserving and enhancing our local treescape.

As Tree Wardens, volunteers can engage in a variety of activities such as tree planting, tree walks, a book club and educational workshops. It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with nature, makes a positive impact on the environment and allows you to socialise with likeminded people. Join us today and help protect and nurture the trees that make Wirral a greener and more vibrant place to live.

To join our network and become a tree warden, simply email wirraltreewardens@wirral.gov.uk and we will send you a membership form to complete and details of our next induction.

Network Vision

Our vision for Wirral Tree Wardens is to support the growth and sustainability of Wirral’s treescape for generations to come.

We envision a network of dedicated Tree Champions who will inspire others and work collaboratively to plant, nurture, protect and celebrate our trees, hedgerows and woodlands. 

We are committed to environmental sustainability and the activities of Wirral Tree Wardens will contribute to local strategies.

Wirral Tree Wardens are inclusive and are welcoming to all!

Members do not have to be trained or have experience in tree management. The network will provide an opportunity to collect, exchange and discuss knowledge.

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