i-Trees Eco study

We are working in partnership with Forest Research, Great Britain’s principal organisation for forestry and tree-related research, to complete a study on the borough’s trees.

This study is part of a UK-wide project, called i-Trees Eco study, to quantify the structure and environmental effects of urban trees and calculate their value to society.

The results of the project will tell us:

  • how much carbon our trees capture
  • the amount of rainfall they intercept
  • how much air pollution they filter
  • their value for habitat provision
  • threats posed to our treescape by pests and diseases

The results of the study will used for making effective management decisions, developing policy and setting priorities for Wirral’s treescape. The project will be split into two stages:

  1. Field data surveys 
  2. Public surveys

Field data surveys

In Wirral, 252 locations across the borough have been chosen at random to survey. The plots of land are both private and council land.

At each of these areas, information about the location will be collected (for instance if the ground is covered with tarmac or grass). We will also collect information about trees (when present) including their species, size and health. Any measurements or studies will not harm the trees in any way. 

Each survey plot will take us between 20 minutes and one hour to complete.

The surveyors who will be conducting these checks are:

  • Representatives from John Morris Arboricultural Consultancy
  • Representatives from Wirral Council’s Tree team

Public survey

As part of the study with Forest Research, residents were invited to tell us what they thought about trees in Wirral. The survey collected views and experiences of trees in the areas, and communities, that you live. This enabled us to see how much value trees have in the community. The survey closed in October 2022.

i-Tree study

Summary and technical reports will be available to view soon.