i-Tree Study

Wirral Council have worked with Forest Research to undertake a study of the region’s tree population using i-Tree Eco. The results of the study will tell us more about the value of trees and will be used for making effective management decisions, developing policy, and setting priorities for Wirral’s treescape.

The study area covers the whole of the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral, covering an area of 15,700 hectares. 250 sample plots were distributed within a regular grid across the study area to ensure the sample was representative of the different land uses and characteristics present in Wirral. Details of ground cover, land use, shrubs, and trees were recorded in each plot. The i-Tree Eco software was used to extrapolate the field data to estimate the structure and composition of the whole tree population, and the ecosystem services the trees provide.

This study is the first i-Tree Eco project to include measures of social and cultural values of trees. The Urban Forest and Society and Environment research groups worked together to design a data collection methodology that uses data commonly collected during an i-Tree survey, and additional data variables to represent social and cultural values.

Surveying was completed during summer 2022. Data analysis has been completed. The PDF files below may not be suitable to view for people with disabilities, users of assistive technology or mobile phone devices. PDF maps are more suitable to view on a large screen over a wifi connection.