Universal Service Providers, such as British Telecommunications PlC (BT), are obliged to consult when they propose to remove a service.

Proposal for the removal of payphone on Raby Road/Raby Mere Road

We have been informed by BT that the kiosk at Raby Road/Raby Mere Road, Raby, Wirral, CH63 4LE has recently been involved in an incident, which damaged the kiosk beyond economical repair. As a result BT have completed an assessment of the area and the need for a payphone at this location. During this assessment BT discovered that the payphone has not made a call since April 2104 and they are proposing to recover it and permanently cease service at this site. The kiosk would be available for adopt by a suitable body. More information can be found on the BT website.

BT have placed a consultation notice on the relevant payphone to inform the community of these proposals:

Under Ofcom regulations, the council now publish the First Notification Draft Decision on BTs proposal.

Representations may be made to Wirral Council about the draft decision by 9 a.m. on Monday 19th February 2018 either by:

  • Emailing [email protected] or
  • Writing to Wirral Council, Development Management Team, Environmental Services, South Annexe, Brighton Street, Wallasey CH44 8ED

Further information on the consultation process can be found on the Ofcom website.

Payphone removals consultation - December 2016

We recently received notification that BT wishes to remove 26 public phone boxes located within the Borough.

A consultation has been held about the proposal with notices being placed in each of the phone boxes that were proposed for removal.  The consultation closed on 21st December 2016.

A response has been issued to BT about the proposal to remove the phone boxes and that response can be seen in the notice below.