Wirral’s Healthy Homes team supports tenants and homeowners to help them stay independent, healthy and safe in their homes. They offer free advice and services relating to a range of health and housing issues.

Healthy Homes Advocates are calling at every property in selective licensing areas, to carry out a short questionnaire to see if you can benefit from any of the free services available.

Wirral Council’s Healthy Homes team all wear a uniform and carry identification. If you have any doubts call Wirral Council’s Housing Standards on 0151 691 8114.

How Healthy Homes can help you

Some examples of how Healthy Homes can change lives:

  • “The landlord finally did the repairs in my flat” - John, Seacombe
  • “We feel so much warmer with our new boiler, and it was free!” - Charlotte, Egremont
  • “I’ve got more cash in my pocket with cheaper gas and electric.” - Ella, Tranmere
  • “I got the support I needed to help me move to a better home” - Beth, Egerton
  • “I’m having less accidents around my home” – Margaret, Egremont
  • “A Housing Repairs Assistance loan helped me carry out the repairs I couldn’t afford” - Bill Birkenhead

Contact us

Call 0151 691 8114 to see how we can help, to book a free Home Safety Check or to find out more about your landlords’ obligations.