If you feel you could provide care to a child (or children) and are interested in becoming a foster carer you can request more information online.

Request more information

Once you have completed the request for more information, you arrange an initial visit from a social worker. During this visit they can talk you through the process in much more detail. If you’d prefer to speak to someone, please give us a call on 0151 666 4510.

Arrange an initial visit

We do not discriminate against new applicants on any basis.

If you are unsure if you can foster or have any questions, take a look at the can I foster? page.

Find out more about what fostering involves


From this you will be required to undergo checks, which will be completed by a supervising social worker. This is in order to assess your suitability for becoming a foster carer. The checks are things such as:

  •  your health
  •  criminal record
  •  references
  • home health and safety check

A comprehensive report will be prepared with you during your visits, which includes full information about you and your family.

Fostering panel

After all checks have been completed the supervising social worker will go with you to a fostering panel with a report. From this the panel will make a recommendation as to whether you should go forward for the final decision to be approved a decision on whether to approve you as a foster carer.

You will then be informed of this decision once made.

We aim to complete the process from initial enquiry to final decision, within six months.