The Youth Offending Service (YOS) works with young people who are either at risk of becoming involved in the Criminal Justice System or who have offended and received Out of Court Disposals or Court Orders. Our purpose is to offer high quality interventions to young people – reducing re-offending and increasing public safety in Wirral.

Youth Offending Prevention Programmes

Challenge and Support (C&S)

  • advises and supports young people, aged 10 to 16 years away from anti-social behaviour
  • four to eight week programme that works on a one-to-one basis

Youth Inclusion Support Programme (YISP)

  • advises and supports young people, aged 5 to 18 years who are involved in risk taking behaviour and who could end up in the Criminal Justice System
  • addresses specific risk issues on a one-to-one basis with young people and their families

Youth Inclusion Programme and Junior Youth Inclusion Programme (YIP and JYIP)

  • diverts young people away from the Youth Justice System with positive activities, one to one support and group work.
  • junior YIP works with 8-12 years and Senior YIP works with 13-18 years.
  • 12 week activity-based programmes during evenings and school holidays.

All programmes have eligibility criteria, but are entirely voluntary and signed consent is needed from the young person. Professionals who wish to make a referral can: